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Zestra Review

Zestra: Getting aroused is no more a Difficulty

Well, here is yet another botanical and herbal sexual aid which has become a hit with many of the women because of the all-natural formula that it comes in. Zestra, a topical sexual enhancer boosts the libido levels and also enhances the sexual satisfaction the woman experiences. When applied, it enables the woman to experience a deep inexplicable pleasurable sensation and is found to have a positive effect on the levels of sexual desire and also arousal.

Zestra Product Review and Description

Zestra is an all-natural topical cream which is absolutely safe to use and is totally hormone free. The cream has no drug interactions and hence is considered to be highly safe to use and it works within 3-5 minutes of application and the sensation lasts for up to an hour. Zestra is found to be a fitting answer to all the arousal woes that women had. This is a patented blend of extracts and botanical oils that have been created to help ladies feel more comfortable with sex and enjoy it better.

This liquid topical formula promotes sensitivity and enhances the potential for having single as well as multiple orgasms. There is evidently an increase in experiencing stimulating sensations and amplified sexual fulfillment that comes about with heightened lubrication. Zestra is found to act positively on vaginal dryness thereby facilitating a reduction in the discomforts that come along with this dryness. The one challenge noted by many users is that it is basically a peppermint oil and cannot be used with latex condomns. This may limit the use by partners trying to use condomns as a method of contraception or protection.

Zestra's Active Ingredients

The unique blend of extracts and botanical oils in Zestra are responsible for bringing about deep pleasurable sensations while having sex. And this is possible due to the presence of these following ingredients:

  • PA-free Borage Seed Oil: Topical usage of borage seed oil solves the problem of skin lesions or dryness that might hamper the lady from enjoying frequent sex. It is ideal to treat a variety of skin conditions.
  • Evening Primrose Oil: this oil too is found to work effectively in mitigating the dryness, itching and redness of the skin due to high amounts of presence of gamma linolenic acid.
  • Angelica Extract: Angelica plant extracts help in easing out a lot of conditions and makes the skin highly sensitive to touch.
  • Coleus Forskholii Extract: This is a sexual stimulant which is designed in such a way to enhance the sensitivity in the users and thereby increase the pleasure they experience during sexual intercourse.
  • Theobromine: Is responsible for building up the aphrodisiac kind of emotions in the users.
  • Vitamin C, E and other anti-oxidants: Topically, these antioxidants in the body are found to be effective in reducing inflammation and enhance the blood flow wherever applied.

How Does Zestra Work?

Zestra works mainly basing on the trans-dermal absorption as it is a cream that is made up of potent botanical oils as well as extracts. When it is applied on the vaginal region, the skin absorbs the contents that re present and work towards producing enhanced sexual stimulation. The products works almost instantaneously and the effects are experienced within a few minutes of application. This lubricant comes in a portable packet in single does which makes it extremely easy to carry too.

Sexual dissatisfaction may arise due to numerous reasons and Zestra offers the right kind of support for all these problems and in fact betters the sexual experiences and life too with their partners. If you have been experiencing low libidinal levels then you could opt for this all-natural cream that is made out of botanical oils and extracts. Zestra is found to be free of harmful parabens and is considered as an extremely safe medicine to be used to enhance one's sexual experiences as well as libido levels.

Written by:
Diane Chuckston

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